2011 Downbeach Film Festival

Bidentity Crisis


WINNER!   Best Comedic Short

WINNER!   Best Actor in a Comedic Short - Keith Collins

NOMINATED   Best Director in a Comedic Short - Jana (AJ) Mattioli

NOMINATED   Best Actress in a Comedy Short - Elissa Goldstein

25th Annual Out Film CT Festival (2012)
The Coffee Klash
10th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival (2012)
Bidentity Crisis
The Coffee Klash
2012 Hoboken International Film Festival


Coffee & a Bite​

2012 Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival
The Replacement

WINNER!   Best Director of a Comedic Short  -

                                          AJ Mattioli


WINNER!   Best Supporting Actress in a Comedic Short - Elissa Goldstein

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