BIdentity Crisis

Sexuality- it's a light switch.

Helen, originally from Chicago, longs to be the trendy "Sex in the City" NYC girl, where she can have her party and dance at it too. Although she is looking for love, she is looking in all the wrong places. Phillip, a good looking sensitive party boy, is just the right amount of Carrie Bradshaw excitement she needs after a break-up with her loser ex-boyfriend. After dating for over a month Helen's affection for Phillip comes to a stop in a comedic explosion at a coffee house.
True, Phillip is a party boy, but he likes to party with the boys. The thing is, Phillip is bisexual but says his light switch is on women. Helen wants to be trendy but is uncomfortable. These two put a new stamp on "Be careful what you wish for, ya just might get it." With the help of Jaime, a flamboyant waiter ,who recognizes Phillip and a sassy cashier who loves to watch the drama unfold, BIdentity is a NY drama with a just the right twist of a gay lemon. "BIdentity Crisis" tells a story of coming out of the closet...sort of.



Keith Collins (The Meat Puppet)
Elissa Goldstein (An Affirmative Act)
Edvin Ortega (Orange is the New Black)
and Introducing:
Steve Wolf and Lisa Kapinske


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