Short Films and series

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Neon Boys (2020)

Directed by AJ Mattioli

Unable to find a job; Shawn works as an erotic dancer to support his daughter. Life takes a strange turn when he falls for a gogo boy!

Stars Vincent De Paul (2X  Emmy Winner "The Bay") as Mr. Ruxton


S&M Records (2020)

Directed by Drew Bolton

in association with Nite Fix Productions

A short film that explores the formative experiences in our lives that will shape our fetishes and sexual desires later on in life.

During a bondage session, Boy, recalls the different experiences that lead up to this moment, from early childhood days to finding love and losing it.

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 a Single Evening 

Directed by Ashlei Hardenburg

Produced in association with Nite Fix Productions


A musical short film about dating and loneliness, where Minnie, a bisexual woman, spends yet another evening being single. Filled with pop R&B songs, personified dating apps, and annoyingly cute couples, this dark romantic comedy explores the value of solitude and the strength in independence.


How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (2019)

Directed by Tony Clemente Jr.

Bellamy's having a bad day: she's being deported from the country, her girlfriend dumped her, she can't access her bank account, and her fitted sheet just won't fold. Now watch her make it worse.


Role of a Lifetime


Directed by Ashlei Hardenburg

Amber and her lover Liz are moving slow after a romantic evening celebrating her recent Oscar. They awaken to an invasive postal worker who seems fascinated with Hollywood stars, who secretly enters the apartment. The film is filled with secrets of longing, love, and the pain of rejection.


Rain Dove (queer advocate) and Cory Wade (ANTM)


Hopelessly (2019)

Directed by Tony Clemente Jr.

Darren is determined to find a connection, no matter how many people he has to go through. Explore a day in the life of a polyamorous relationship, in all its awkward beauty.


Four and Twenty


Directed by Nick Martin

in association with Sunglasses After Dark


This hilarious new web-series follows the journey of 4 best friends in their 20's growing up in NYC. Adulting is hard. Friendships are harder.

Features Bob The Drag Queen


Drag Roast of Sherry Vine (2017)

Drag Roast | S1:E2 | Cruel, harsh, tasteless. And that’s just the roastmaster. The rulers of NYC nightlife united for The Drag Roast of Sherry Vine as they read her to filth.


Stars: Thorgy Thor, Marti Gould Cummings, Bob the Drag Queen, Miz Cracker, Monet X Change, and more!


Gays (2015)

Directed by Peter Dunn and Eden Foster

Being in your f^&king twenties...


"GAYS" is about 4 twenty something gay best friends navigating the tumultuous terrain of NYC.

Stars: Markus Kelle and Lynne Koplitz


The Coffee Klash

Directed by AJ Mattioli

is associated with Dreamcacther Entertainment

When Stephanie comes out and introduces her girlfriend to her overbearing mother Gayle, her unorthodox reaction makes for one unusual first encounter!

Stars Blanche Baker (Emmy Winner) and Julia Weldon 

BIdentity Crisis (2011)

Directed by AJ Mattioli

in association with Dreamcatcher Entertainment

Helen is looking for love in all the wrong places. Phillip, a sensitive party boy.  Helen's affection for Phillip comes to a halt in a comedic explosion at a coffee house.  Phillip is a party boy, but he likes to party with the boys. Phillip is bi, but says his switch is on women. Helen wants to be trendy but is uncomfortable. These two put a new stamp on "Be careful what you wish for, ya just might get it." With the help of Jaime, a flamboyant waiter, "BIdentity Crisis" tells a story of coming out of the closet...sort of. 

Paragon Algorithm (2012)

In association with Isle Empire Pictures

Andrew is a genius physics student who discovers the ultimate equation that unlocks the true mechanics of time. His findings break all preconceived notions about causality. You will embark on a journey of scientific discovery and traverse several dimensions. Perception of reality skews and the interlacing of events seem like a dream. Is reality just a dream? You be the judge.

(Non LGBTQ+)

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