Short Films


Neon Boys (2019)

Unable to find a job; Shawn works as an erotic dancer to support his daughter. Life takes a strange turn when he falls for a gogo boy!

Vincent De Paul (2X  Emmy Winner "The Bay") as Mr. Ruxton
Matty Glitterati as Shawn
Jonathan Salazar as Ricky
Tym Moss as Big Daddy
Kelsey Shmitz as Rebecca
John Strand as Chase

Directed by AJ Mattioli, Co Directed by Jonathan Salazar


Role of a Lifetime


Directed by Ashlei Hardenburg

Amber, an eccentric child-turned-adult star, and her lover Liz  are moving slow after a romantic evening celebrating Amber’s recent Oscar Nomination. Liz awakens to a strange and invasive postal worker who seems fascinated with Hollywood stars, secretly enters the apartment.  The film continues to be filled with secrets of longing, love, and the pain of rejection.

Elysse Winn as Amber 

Rain Dove as Liz 

Larena Danielle as Jade 

Steve Wolf as Richard

Cory Wade as the Talk Show Host

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 a Single Evening 


Directed by Ashlei Hardenburg

Produced in association with Nite Fix Productions

A Single Evening is a musical short film about dating and loneliness, where Minnie, a bisexual woman, spends yet another evening being single. Filled with pop R&B songs, personified dating apps, and annoyingly cute couples, this dark romantic comedy explores the value of solitude and the strength in independence.

Rebecca Hidalgo as Minnie

Karolena Theresa as Kasey

Matt Cory as Bro

Jaime Lamchick as Comic

Patrick Dunning as Nice Guy

The Coffee Klash


When Stephanie comes out and introduces her girlfriend to her overbearing mother Gayle, her unorthodox reaction makes for one unusual first encounter!

Blanche Baker as Gayle

Wynn Van Dusen as Stephanie

Samantha Artese as Mary Ann

Keith Collins as Jamie

Steve Wolf as Chase

Julia Weldon as Pike

Directed by AJ Mattioli

BIdentity Crisis (2011)

Helen longs to be the trendy "Sex in the City" girl, where she can have her party and dance at it too. She is looking for love but she is looking in all the wrong places. Phillip, a good looking sensitive party boy, is just the right amount of Carrie Bradshaw excitement she needs.  Helen's affection for Phillip comes to a stop in a comedic explosion at a coffee house.True, Phillip is a party boy, but he likes to party with the boys. The thing is, Phillip is bisexual but says his light switch is on women. Helen wants to be trendy but is uncomfortable. These two put a new stamp on "Be careful what you wish for, ya just might get it." With the help of Jaime, a flamboyant waiter, BIdentity is a NY drama with a just the right twist. "BIdentity Crisis" tells a story of coming out of the closet...sort of. 

Elissa Goldstein as Helen

Keith Collins as Jaime

Edvin Ortega as Phillip

Directed by AJ Mattioli


The House that Cried Blood (2012) 

On Halloween, four twenty-something kids venture into the dilapidated home of a neighborhood legend, known only as "Old Lady Death" - only to discover that there's a very real side to this local tall tale.

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