The Coffee Klash!

When Stephanie comes out and introduces her girlfriend to her overbearing mother Gayle, her unorthodox reaction makes for one unusual first encounter!

Stephanie’s mother Gayle is anything but laid-back. Though she loves her daughter, she often expresses it the only way she knows how-by completely micromanaging her life. Which is why this particular afternoon at the coffee shop might be tricky. After all, Stephanie has brought her mother here not only to tell her she’s a lesbian, but to introduce Gayle to her new girlfriend, Mary Ann.

It quickly becomes apparent that Gayle’s problem isn’t really with her daughter being a lesbian…she just wishes she were a slightly more interesting one-and she could start by having a funkier girlfriend. Mary Ann’s sexual orientation doesn’t bother Gayle, but the fact that she’s a middle school teacher who wears Banana Republic cardigans seems severely disappointing.

Gayle’s reaction to her daughter’s news isn’t exactly a surprise, nor is it what her daughter expected. Enlisting the advice of the coffee shop staff, Gayle must come to terms with the afternoon’s events, and try to set aside her judgments…sort of.


Blanche Baker (Emmy Winner; "Sixteen Candles")
Julia Weldon ("Before and After"; LGBTQ Folk Singer)
Keith Collins ("The Jersey Devil")



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