The House That Cried Blood

Sometimes the terror is real.

A classic haunted house tale with a mix of scares and blood, the short follows four young adults who venture into the supposedly-cursed house of “Old Lady Death” in search of her rotting corpse. What seems like regular Halloween tomfoolery turns into a night of terror they may never survive, and what awaits them within the walls of this dilapidated home is an evil birthed from their worst nightmares.

Enjoy the entire film HERE!

Produced by:

Sideshow Pictures


Associate Producer:

AJ Mattioli




Andrea Boehlke (TV's Survivor)
Damien Maffei (Closed for the Season)
Ashlee Mundy (TV's Celebrity Ghost Stories)
Ray Zupp (Bloomington)
Ann McGowan (Fighting)



Katie Brandon and Rachel A Weintraub

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