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A QUEER CITY  Recommended 13+

Directed & Produced by George Hellings



Lauren Flynn

Josh Jennings

Three young drag artists navigate the rising drag scene in Norwich, a place where their actions appear to be going unnoticed by the rest of the world. They open up about what their drag means to them and how by finding a welcoming group of people in Norwich with similar attitudes and camp sensibilities, they have been able to express their queerness and identity freely through performance and visual artistry. Despite sometimes finding it difficult to find their way as

marginalised individuals, they have hopes for a future they plan on carving themselves as a close-knit new wave of creatives.

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"For all its brevity the film makes its point with clarity and precision. Life is multi-coloured and multi-layered and should never judge anyone by what we consider to be ‘normal’. Today I’m wiser than I was yesterday; that must surely be progress?"

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