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"our story really begins to unfold, getting claustrophobic, uncomfortable, triggering to watch for sure at times and yes, kiddies, very scary because also very real. Tony gets shittier, Brad gets weirder as he gets more desperate and manic, and Mary is caught in the middle of this glorious and (eventually) goriest of #MeToo tales with many a twist and turn to keep viewers glued to the screen until the very last scene plays out over the credits"

A.J. Mattioli stood in a blue blazer with an all-encompassing energy unlike anything else in the room at Bit Bar when I walked over to meet him at Salem Horror Fest a few weeks ago. Not an easy feat when you’re among the neon lights of brightly lit arcade games, a bustling bar area filled with indie film actors and directors, and a dance floor of vacated tables imminently set up for a bloody burlesque show. Still, Mattioli shook my hand with authority and excitement before engaging me in discussion with unparalleled focus, making it seem like there was nothing else happening in a room where literally everything seemed to be going on.

"An “accidental advocate” . . . AJ has become the go-to trans man for LGBT filmmaking, nightlife, and for podcasts discussing trans issues."

"It employed so many trans people, and so it’s hard to hate on it,” said AJ Mattioli, a transgender filmmaker based in Brooklyn. “But it’s a film that shows another cis white male heterosexual doing what he needs to do to manipulate a woman.” '


"Mattioli is hard at work to bring queer art to the forefront . . .  the New York-based director and producer makes it a priority to create the art that LGBTQ+ people need in our current era of political despair."

"Mattioli uses his voice to tell his story on a global level – as a guest on podcasts, during radio interviews, and most significantly, through film."

"40 People Under 40 to Look Out For"  2011​

"... giving queer artists a better chance to connect to queer audiences using both mainstream and queer-owned and operated viewing platforms."


featuring AJ Mattioli

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Talking Gender

Not All Men

What Is Intersex?



21. AJ Mattioli

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