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The Exploding Boy Recommended 16+


Directed by Monty Wolfe & Ian Southworth

Written by Monty Wolfe


Parris Bates... "Alex Silver"

Kae Burris... "Hall Monitor"

Abel Cosentino... "Dr. Roman Nichols"

Isis Eggleston... "Tatiana"

Ashmon Jibben... "Aerobics Instructor"

Laura Schwartz... "The Teacher"

Adrienne Sparks... "Anna Silver"

Myndi Stalnaker... "The Karen"

Bradley Thomas Stephens... "Charles Silver"

Justin Zheng... "Theo"

Alex dreams of becoming the next Jim Henson, but his life is no happy puppet show. His dad is overbearing, his school is oppressive, and even the neighbors seem out to get him. But everything changes when a charismatic transfer student enters his life.

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