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GAYS  Recommended 18+


2014 - 2015 

Directed by Peter Dunn and Eden Foster

Written by Peter William Dunn



Lynne Koplitz (from King of Staten Island) "Olivia Danes"

Jay William Thomas "Jackson Kennedy" 
Thomas Gibbons "Benjamin Campbell"
Markus Kelle "Cameron Mason"
Marina Pulido "Natasha Dombrovski"
Peter Giessl "Parker Winthrop"

Being in your f^&king twenties...


"GAYS" is about four twenty something gay best friends navigating the tumultuous terrain of NYC.

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"This show offers something a little different . . .

it is edgy, witty and arguably more diverse in its representation"

"The show has garnered numerous write-ups and a wealth of online buzz . . .  a growing fan base, eagerly awaiting the rest of their freshman season, and praising the show for a fresh, honest, captivating take on it's subject matter. "

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