"Guys at Parties Like It" (2019)

As part of a brutal hazing ritual, a young frat pledge leads a wasted girl upstairs to swipe his v-card, only to discover getting lucky isn't so easy.


Written by Colton David Coate


"Guys at Parties Like It is a truly disturbing and heartbreaking exploration of the toxic masculinity pervasive in college campuses particularly with fraternity and sorority parties."

-WeScreenplay Competition

Currently in Post Production. 

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Tag Line: It’s a typical night at the frat house; booze are flowing, boobs are bouncing, and a young frat prodigy, rising through the ranks, is about to get lucky! To score major points with his frat bros and to avoid a humiliating pledge ritual, he leads a wasted sorority girl upstairs to swipe his v-card only to find out, getting lucky isn't as easy as it sounds.


Script Review: "Guys at Parties Like It is a truly disturbing and heartbreaking exploration of the toxic masculinity pervasive in college campuses particularly with fraternity and sorority parties." -WeScreenplay Competition 


Directors Note:  It has been reported that one in four women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime, including rape, molestation, coercion, and date rape. This story depicts the series of unfortunate events that lead to an all too common scenario about a girl, a boy, and the word "no".


The #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns have taken hold of society in what can only be described as this generation's women's lib movement. It's these powerful stories of survival and strength that inspired the screenplay and are reshaping our world.

*****We understand that rape-revenge films are difficult to watch for a lot of survivors which is why we have decided not to include any graphic rape scenes throughout (but don't worry, there is tons of graphic gore).
















The Team


Colton David Coate is an award-winning, gay screenwriter and director. He has been honored with "Best Unproduced Screenplay" as well as "Best Feature Film" awards in festivals in North and South America in 2018 for his feature film Miserable Marnie & The Shut In as well as an unproduced screenplay, Witches Bitches. He has two sisters and a ton of [platonic] girlfriends, all of whom have dealt with some sort of sexual misconduct in their lives which is why this project is so meaningful to him. 

"Date-rape is very real and very horrific. I think now is the perfect time to embody that horror into a film that can hopefully draw attention and comment on the casual atrocities we commit and ignore as a society with regards to sexual assault." 



Micah Coate is a trained actor, a budding director, and an officer in the Air ForceReserves photojournalism unit. Her short film, SHIRI (2018), recently held it's first public screening to a packed house. She has been a consultant on the script-writing process since day one and has lent her wisdom as a woman and as a trained bad ass to the authenticity of the characters and the motivations throughout the film. 

You can thank her for her service by making a donation to the film!




AJ Mattioli has been fully engulfed in the entertainment industry for the last 16 years. 7 years ago, AJ decided it was time to work directly with the LGBTQ+ community and started producing his own films. 

While AJ was navigating his identity, he used documentary film making as an exploration outlet and created "Words". "Words" happily thrusted him into becoming an  “accidental advocate.” Through his advocacy work he has been featured in the Queens Museum, the United Nations, The Advocate, Huffington Post, and Gay Star News. AJ has become the go-to trans producer for queer film making, nightlife performance film documentation, and podcasts discussing LGBTQ+  inequalities and pop culture in Brooklyn and NYC. 

 2019 releases will be a cult slasher film that is sweeping the festival circuit called Killer Unicorn, a suspenseful short titled Role of a Lifetime (staring Rain Dove,) a short love story Neon Boys (Staring Emmy Winner Vincent DePaul,) a #MeToo inspired horror feature Guys At Parties Like It (omg that's us!),  and a new Docu-series My First Time.

 AJ has been lucky enough to have worked with some of NYC hottest LGBTQ celebs including Sasha Velour, Tym Moss, Bob The Drag Queen, Cory Wade, and many more. 

Executive Producer

Jose` Alvarez is a Colombian born, New York-based writer and film & theatre producer with a Grammy.  Some of José's other production team credits include ‘The Color Purple’ Broadway Revival Cast Recording (Grammy), ‘Shark Attack! The Musical’, ‘Heathers: The Musical’, Neon Boys [short film] (2018), Sasha Velour's ‘One Dollar Drags’ [short film] (2018), ‘Tumble Dry’ [short film] (2018), ‘A Single Evening’ [short film] (2019) and the Cult feature film sweeping the festival circuit ‘Killer Unicorn.’ (2019) 


Cory Green is a cinematographer from Rochester, NY with over 8 years of experience in production and post-production. The Full Sail University graduate has shot and edited many award-winning shorts, feature films, and music videos.

He has lent his shooting talents to HBO's Emmy award-winning sports doc-series "24/7", "Real Sports" and "Road To". Along with HBO, Cory has worked for ESPN's "Around the Horn", MTV's "MADE", Cartoon Network, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo!, Entertainment Weekly, People, Fortune, Entertainment Tonight and NBC News.

His most recent feature as director of photography is the psychological thriller "Rock, Paper Scissors" for director Doug Bollinger. 

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