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GUYS AT PARTIES LIKE IT  Recommended 18+


Written by Colton Coate

Directed by Micah Coate

Directed by Colton Coate


Yuhua Hamasaki (Rupauls Drag Race)  "Connor"

Monica Garcia Bradley "Mary"

Pablo Sandstrom "Tony"

Anthony Notarile "Brad"

Haulston Mann "Rick"

Jacqueline O'Kelly "Trixie"

Vianca Peguero "Monica"

Paige Sciarrino "Mags"

A jaded party girl finds herself engrossed in a dangerous game of survival when a ritualistic Fraternity party spins out of control and descends into madness. As part of a brutal hazing ritual, a young frat pledge leads a wasted girl upstairs to swipe his v-card, only to discover getting lucky isn't so easy.

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Rock and Role Fables wrote: 

"our story really begins to unfold, getting claustrophobic, uncomfortable, triggering to watch for sure at times and yes, kiddies, very scary because also very real. Tony gets shittier, Brad gets weirder as he gets more desperate and manic, and Mary is caught in the middle of this glorious and (eventually) goriest of #MeToo tales with many a twist and turn to keep viewers glued to the screen until the very last scene plays out over the credits"

Horror Obsessive wrote:

"The actors do a great job providing this dynamic, creating an alarming, anxiety-inducing experience. Plus, the violent deaths and subsequent gore factors are of such a jaw-dropping extreme nature that the film’s revengeful portions are entirely satisfying. Consider it The Hunting Ground meets Last House on the Left (1972). "

Scared Sheepless wrote

"a truly great central performance and the commentary it contains make it more than worth a watch."

Movie Jawn listed it in "5 movies to look out for at Salem Horror Festival"

B&S movies wrote:

"Guys At Parties Like It is terrifying because there’s no saying that it didn’t happen last weekend. Or that it won’t happen this weekend."

Cinema Spectrum reviews the film at 13:15 in their podcast. "Guys at Parties Like It manages to negotiate some tricky subject manners to offer a, dare I say it, fun thriller"

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