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MASS  Recommended 18+


Written and Directed by Linus Ignacius

Produced by Stacey Maltin and AJ Mattioli


Linus Ignatius "Trey"

Blake French "Mean Muscle Man"
Crystal Ward "Nurse"

Anthony Lenti "Dumbbell Guy"

Trey feels small. He is gay, HIV-positive and lonely in NYC. All around him are hulking, powerful men, intimidating and challenging him everywhere he looks. Throughout his day, he obsesses over how to get BIG - and his insecurities keep him trapped in a cycle of trauma and abuse. 

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“A darkly comic yet subtle short that speaks little but says a lot, it delves deep into masculinity and male body image. With long observational shorts that linger long enough to expose the absurdity of the fitness industry without poking fun, its lead (who also wrote and directed the piece) is eminently relatable and an Everyman for anyone who felt inferior in the gym.”

“This film addresses with great skill more serious issues for the gay male community than most full-length mainstream features even touch on with much truth, and even some humor. The young actor who wrote, directed and starred in this film is Linus Ignatius and even if he hung his hat merely on his acting in this riveting piece of social commentary, he could only be lauded."

"A sexy, stylish and thought-provoking short film"

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