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Not Walter Jenkins  Recommended 13+


Directed by AP Hello

Written by AP Hello


Brian O'Hara... President Lyndon Baines Johnson

Steve Schroko... Walter Jenkins

Jedidiah Matthews... Secret Service Agent

In the original 'October Surprise', three weeks before Election Day 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson discovers that police have arrested his top aide of twenty-five years, Walter Jenkins, in a public bathroom sex sting. Worse, the media uncover that it's not Walter's first arrest. After Johnson orders an FBI investigation to establish how Walter passed his White House background check, the two can no longer be observed interacting. This Short film from first-time writer/director AP Hello imagines the circumstances under which The President, played by Brian O'Hara, and Walter, played by Steve Schroko, might have spoken, and how that conversation might have unfurled.

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