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Sacrifice  Recommended 16+


Directed by Anna Maguire

Written by Leigh Smith


Ernest Arfan "Marcos"

Jesse Everett "Blake Robinson"

Anna Maguire "Julia"

Leigh Smith "James Hunter"

‘Sacrifice’ is a traditional love story told from an unseen viewpoint in the eyes of an LGBTQ couple James Hunter and Blake Robinson. Created and written by Leigh Smith, the film follows the two protagonists as they enter a new phase in their relationship. James, a humanitarian rights lawyer and Blake a military officer are continually torn apart by their overwhelming sense of duty and struggle to lead a ‘normal and quiet life’. An unconditional love coupled with a sense of duty that is equally as important.

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Sacrifice demonstrates the true essence of a loving relationship whether it is between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman

Interview with Writer Leigh Smith and Star Jesse Everett

Interview with Director Leigh Smith

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