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Unicorn Recommended 13+


Directed & Written by Jason Tropiano


Tyler Begnoche...  Teddy

Jaremi Carey...  Drag Queen

Cole Francum...  Cute Stranger

Dominic Mangiocco...  Hot Popular Guy

Caesar Philipe Martinez...  Glenn

Teddy, a young gay man, arrives at a local gay club expecting to find connection and community. His sweetly awkward charms fail to earn anyone's interest apart from the effeminate Glenn, who brings unwanted derision Teddy's way. Feeling the sting of rejection, Teddy accepts a magic pill from a drag queen who promises the pill will transform Teddy into whatever sort of gay man he desires to be. Teddy takes the pill hoping to become the "ideal" gay man: hot and masculine. To Teddy's shock the only change he experiences is a unicorn horn that grows from his forehead. Teddy must confront the challenge of determining his true identity and discovering his pride, or else be an outcast forever.

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