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WORDS​  Recommended 13+


Directed by AJ Mattioli



Bob The Drag Queen

Miss Fame

Carmen Carrera 
Shakina Nayfack

Marti Gould Cummings

Yetta Kurland

"Words" is an exploration of identity and being oneself against the ever-changing backdrop of NYC. Exploring the beautiful, historic and ever evolving landscape of America's busiest city, eighteen diverse nationalities, backgrounds and personalities share how their stories break down the labels placed upon them. These New Yorker's are contextualized in a range of environments from the world of the arts to the NYPD; the legal field to the fashion industry. "Words" investigates the dissonance between self and socially constructed identities. This film features exclusive interviews from a variety of artists, activists, icons, and innovators, whom all are living their truth. “Words” dissects, deconstructs and pays powerful tribute to the language we use to shape the many facets of our identities as men, women, artists, New Yorkers, and most importantly humans.

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"every person who spoke had a different story to tell and a different view of the world, journeys far, far different from my own, and yet I found myself relating to each and every one"

"There is universality to the stories from comedians to Human Rights lawyers, firefighters to Bob The Drag Queen that are identifiable, human and feel like a warm hug."

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