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YOUR EYES ON ME  Recommended 18+


Directed by Sergei Alexander

Written by Sergei Alexander



Paul Stone "Sam" & "Gloria"

Jean-Philippe Boriau "Alex" & "Kandi"

Niamh Sullivan "Toni"

Silva Beshi "Julia"

James Knapp "Richard"

Your Eyes on Me is a story about a drag queen named Gloria

whose life changes when she meets Kandi, a drag virgin auditioning for her next show. As the bond develops between the two, their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly the past and the choices Gloria made as a young man become a stark reality.

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"Your Eyes on Me is a promising debut from Sergei Alexander."

"..this British indie has plenty going for it.."

"..compactly structured with an effectively

shocking revelation which confounds

the very core of emotions.."

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